HFS Green Apple Soft Chew


While it may taste just like fresh picked fruit from the tree, the texture of these gummies is pure pillowy goodness. That said, don’t be confused when biting into a Premium Broad Spectrum Green Apple Soft Chew from The Helping Friendly Hemp Company. Since 2014, This brand has been developing and producing high quality cannabidiol products with their proprietary CBD and cannabinoid blend. This mix of CBC, CBN, and CBG provides holistic relief with premium natural ingredients. Whether you’re struggling to fall and stay asleep or are suffering from nausea or skin irritation, research has shown that the anti-inflammatory effects of these naturally occurring compounds have the strong potential to help. Don’t suffer in silence.

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Reach out and snag a 50mg Green Apple Soft Chew and go about your business with pep in your step.


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