HFS BS Original 1000mg


Established in 2010, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company was created after their founding member sought and discovered relief for his intense chronic pain through the regular use of cannabidiol products. After years of careful testing, their Original Tincture was born. With 1000mg of powerful CBD, as well as CBC, CBG, and CBN, this all-natural product has been shown to reduce overall body inflammation and chronic pain, as well as alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and more. Due to its potency, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company recommends starting with a half dropper beneath the tongue for sublingual ingestion as the starting dose before increasing the dose as needed until the desired effects are achieved, as well as daily use for best results and more even and consistent relief. If you’ve never tried CBD before and are looking for a good place to start, consider adding this Original Tincture as a supplement to your daily health routine.

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HFS BS Original 1000mg


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