HFS BS Orange 1000mg


Sometimes a fresh and zesty orange is just the thing you need to get your morning started the right way. No time for any fruit, much less a complicated health supplement routine? The Helping Friendly Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture in Orange could be the perfect way to fill this need! With a proprietary blend of 1000mg cannabidiol in every 30mL bottle, every dose is full of CBD as well as other powerful cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBC, which aid and enhance the many potential health benefits of this all-natural product. Flavored by essential oils, this tangy orange broad spectrum tincture was developed specifically for sublingual use for rapid CBD delivery that lasts the whole day long. There’s no need to suffer through chronic pain and joint inflammation. You don’t have to become dependent on pricy pharmaceutical prescriptions when an all-natural alternative exists. It’s at least worth a try! Talk to your doctor about incorporating daily use of The Helping Friendly Hemp Company’s Broad Spectrum CBD Orange Tincture, and see how it can potentially benefit you!

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HFS BS Orange 1000mg


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